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About WebsiteBuffs

WebsiteBuffs is a team of expert “buffs” who will create a very elegant and professional website for your business and also look after it on daily basis.


My name is Vinod Rajshakha, CEO of WebsiteBuffs.

I’ve been working online since I was 17 years old. And to make a career out of it, I worked day and night endlessly for the last 11 years to be where I am, where I have dozens of different websites online earning me passive income.

The best part about any new website I launched is creating a very unique and professional design for each site. I always enjoy creating new layouts, I just love a good design. That’s my passion.

So I always wanted to turn this passion into making affordable and professional websites for others.

With WebsiteBuffs, we aim to do just that.

We promise to make a very professional and great-looking website for your business or give you your money back!

Try us and be amazed!

Not only that, you can get in touch with me anytime via email to ask about anything web-related.

Vinod Rajshakha
CEO, WebsiteBuffs